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Learning Apps for Kids

The creation of each app is based on Accelerated Learning and Multi-Intelligence theory. We carefully selected essential words, vivid images, nice colours, clear sound and suitable basic animation to produce the iOS apps to help kids learn with fun and happiness. Moreover, our apps are the modern learning tools to make kids familiar with the era of learning via technology. This is the good learning preparation for kids.


Each app is comprised of learning and game part. With the learning part kid can learn by seeing, listening and immitating pronunciation. In addition, the game part is created for learning reinforcement with joy to enhance ability to memorise the learning words.


The apps are designed to be benefits for both small kid level and primary school level. For small kids, they will learn everyday essential words such as vegetable, fruits, flowers, animals, objects, figures, colours, shapes, etc. The kids will learn by seeing, listening and imitating right pronunciation. Moreover, they will familiarise to interact with apps to explore their interest. In the advanced learning, the primary school kids can use the apps for reading and spelling the essential words to support their reading and writing at school.


For the first use, parent should guide kids how to learn words and play games. When kids familiarise with the apps, they can learn or play by themselves later. We suggest the parent should provide regular short time to use apps as the tool to teach kids by chatting, questioning or playing to enhance imagination and increase communication ability.

Our Apps

drLexSeries' apps are created to enhance the learning ability of kids to learn everyday words.

drLexSeries' apps are designed to be beneficial for both small kid level and primary school level.

Small kids will learn with fun and happiness by using drLexSeries' apps to see, listen and imitate right pronunciation. In addition, the game part is created for learning reinforcement with joy to enhance ability to memorise the learning words.

drLexSeries' apps can be used to support reading and spelling essential words for kids at school. Due to drLexSeries' apps are iOS apps so it is very convenient for kids to learn or practice. Moreover, learning via the apps will help kids get better result than learning via vocabulary cards.



Dr.Lex has several years in teaching and developing human resources in the area of mathematics, problem solving, computing programming, advanced IT professional skills and soft skills. With his teaching passion, he learns by studying theories and practicing variety of human resource development. In addition, he earned Ph.D. in lifelong learning from Chulalongkorn university with very good dissertation.

Dr.Lex desires to create the learning and playing apps for kids using the interesting learning theories and modern information technology as essential foundation. By using drLexSeries Apps, Kids will learn and play with joy while they familiarise with proper information technology.

Dr.Lex's working experience in brief

Founder : drLexSeries
Technical Evangelist : IBM Thailand
Founder : iTraining by Kajornsak Institute(The first iOS Apps Development Training Institutein Thailand
Founder : Dr.Lex Mathematics Tutorial School.
Education Country Director : Oracle Corporation (Thailand)co,.ltd.

Privacy Policy

## 1 We do not collect any data about kids and parents, no need for login to use our apps.

## 2 We have no policy to use any data about kids and parents for any commercial purposes.

## 3 All apps under "drLekSeries" are created carefully for kids without any advertisement content or other external links.

## 4 Each apps has only one non-consumable in-app purchase.

## 5 Once the in-app purchase has been bought, user can use all features without any additional in-app purchase items.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of June 1, 2018.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, pleace contact us at developer@drlekseries.com

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e-mail : developer@drlexseries.com